February 20, 2017

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Are GM Foods Safe to Eat?

We don’t know what, if any, impacts GM foods could have on our health. There are many
unanswered safety questions.

Many scientists warn that:

  • The process of genetic engineering could create new allergens.
  • Foreign DNA may be able to survive in the human gut.
  • Animal feeding studies indicate liver and kidney problems.

GM foods are approved for human consumption based on company-produced science. The
data is secret and is not peer-reviewed by independent scientists. Health Canada does not do its own testing. There is no mandatory labeling in Canada, and no tracking or monitoring of possible health impacts. Click here for more information on human health questions.

or see the strong 2012 report “GMO Myths and Truths, An evidence-based examination of the claims made for the safety and efficacy of genetically modified crops”, by Michael Antoniou, PhD, Claire Robinson, and John Fagan, PhD, published by Earth Open Source. The report is 123 pages and contains over 600 citations, many of them from the peer-reviewed scientific literature and the rest from reports by scientists, physicians, government bodies, industry, and the media.

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