February 20, 2017

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Is there a PLU (price look-up) code that tells me if a product is GMO?


They are the small labels on your fruits and vegetables.

Number “9” is Organic: PLU (price look-up) codes distinguish between organic and conventionally produced fresh fruits and vegetables. But certified organic food is already identified with the organic national standard logo. Organic food is produced without the use of any genetically modified organisms. Organic produce is identified with a number that begins with “9”. For example, 4011 identifies a conventionally grown papaya and 94011 identifies an organically grown papaya.

Number “8” is NO LONGER USED FOR GMOS: The International Federation for Produce Standards has actually set aside a number (8) for identifying GM foods but it was not being used and was changed in 2015 to identify conventionally produced food (not organic).

More importantly, thereare no GM fruits or vegetables on the market in Canada except for the following:

  1. Some GM sweetcorn from the US and Canada
  2. GM Papaya from the US (Hawaii) (not papaya imported from Brazil for example
  3. Possibly some GM squash and zucchini from the US only
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