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Call the Minister of Health


April 26, 2022

Ask the Minister to stop Health Canada’s proposals to exempt some GMOs from regulation:


Demand mandatory safety assessments for all genetically engineered foods


Ottawa: 613 992 8865

You will be calling the Office of the Minister of Health, at the House of Commons in Ottawa:

  • You can leave a message with a staff person or on a machine.
  • Give your name and your riding or town/province.
  • If you talk to a staff person, ask them to take down your message and pass it to the Minister.

What’s happening:

  • New proposals from Health Canada would exempt many new gene-edited GMOs from regulation.
  • Specifically, Health Canada proposes that foods from GM plants that have no foreign DNA in them can be assessed for safety by the companies that developed them.
  • The changes would mean some unregulated, unreported, genetically modified foods and seeds on the market. Click here for a quick summary of the proposals and the problems.

Tell the Minister:

  • I want Health Canada to assess the safety of all genetically modified foods, even the new GM foods made by gene editing. I don’t trust companies to decide the safety of their own GM foods.
  • The Minister should make sure that all genetically modified foods are regulated. I don’t want unregulated GM foods in my grocery stores.
  • The government should know which GMOs are on the market.
  • Stop these proposals from Health Canada. They serve corporations, not Canadians.
  • The Minister needs to stand up for food safety and transparency for the public.

More information to support your phone call:

Click here for more actions.

Thank you for taking this important action!