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April 26, 2022

CBAN has sent a new briefing to all Members of Parliament summarizing our concerns with the proposals to exempt many new genetically engineered foods and seeds from regulation.

Please send our briefing to your new Member of Parliament. Emailing as a constituent is an effective way to bring your MP’s attention to this important issue.

Three easy steps to send our briefing to your MP:

  1. Find your MP’s email address using your postal code at
  2. Download the briefing file to attach to your email by clicking here  — (Click here for the briefing in French). You could also send the summary of the transparency report (Click here for the French summary).
  3. Send your MP a short personalized email. Here is some suggested text: As your constituent, I am writing to ask you to urgent take action to ensure government safety assessments for all genetically engineered foods and plants. Health Canada and the Canadian Food Inspection Agency are proposing to exempt many new genetically engineered foods and plants from regulation, and allow them onto the market with no government safety oversight. This is unacceptable to me. I want independent science and transparency. I have attached a briefing from the Canadian Biotechnology Action Network about this issue. Please read this briefing and take action right away to ensure government oversight of food safety.

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