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Letter to the Editor

Here is some suggested text for a letter to the editor of your local newspaper. Your letter needs to be short. You need to include your name, town name, postal code and phone number when you send the letter. Thank you for taking this action.

Many Canadians may not be aware that Health Canada is proposing to remove regulation from most new genetically engineered foods. Your local candidates in the federal election may not even be aware.

Health Canada is proposing to let some new genetically engineered foods onto the market without any government safety checks. In fact, companies wouldn’t even have to tell Health Canada that these new foods exist. Many of these unregulated foods would be produced by the new genetic engineering techniques called gene editing. But gene-edited foods need to be carefully assessed by our government, not just left to companies to evaluate safety.

I want mandatory government safety assessments for all genetically engineered foods. I want to know that all genetically engineered foods have been rigorously assessed for safety by Health Canada, including any new gene-edited foods. I don’t trust private companies to properly test for safety. My vote is for transparency, independent science and government oversight.

There is information and analysis posed by the Canadian Biotechnology Action Network at