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Stop the Bayer-Monsanto Mega-Merger

If companies Monsanto and Bayer are allowed to merge, the new company could control around 30% of the world’s commercial seed market and 25% of agricultural pesticides. The merger could increase the price of seed, decrease choice in the marketplace for Canadian farmers, and stifle research and development.

Europe approved the merger on March 21, 2018 but Canada and other countries around the world need to approve the merger before it can happen.

Please use the form on side of this page to send an instant letter to the Minister of Innovation, Science and Economic Development today.

In Canada, the Competition Bureau will review the proposed merger and announce a decision at some unknown time. Canada’s Competition Bureau has already agreed to let Dow and Dupont merge, and Syngenta and ChemChina  merge. The Monsanto-Bayer merger is the last of the current proposed mega-mergers in seeds and pesticides which will mean four companies will control about two thirds of the global seed market and around 70% of pesticides. Click here for more information on corporate control and the mega-mergers.