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The promise that genetically modified crops can “feed the world” is largely used by the biotechnology industry to encourage widespread acceptance of this controversial technology, but it is disconnected from the complex reality of world hunger and the limitations of GM crops themselves.

This report challenges the assertion that genetically modified (GM) crops are needed to “feed the world”. The argument that this technology can solve the problem of world hunger, or be a tool towards ending hunger, is compelling but false.

Experience with GM crops shows that the application of GM technology is more likely to enhance and entrench the social, economic and environmental problems created by industrial agriculture and corporate control.


  1.  GM crops on the market are not designed to address hunger.
  2.  GM crops do not increase yields.
  3.  GM crops do not increase farmer incomes.
  4.  GM crops increase pesticide use and harm the environment.
  5.  GM crops are patented and owned by large corporations.

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