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Briefings to government

The Need for Transparency and Government Oversight on Gene Editing for the Horticultural Sector

May 10, 2024: Brief to the House of Commons Standing Committee on Agriculture and Agri-Food. All genetically engineered fruits and vegetables, including those produced through the new genetic engineering techniques of gene editing, should be subject to pre-market regulation, mandatory notification to government and the public, mechanisms for government tracking and post-market surveillance, and mandatory point-of-purchase labelling for consumers.

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Reverse New GMO Regulatory Guidance, to Ensure Safety and Transparency

May 2023: Twin decisions by the ministers of health and agriculture place the interests of private industry above the federal government’s responsibility to protect human health and the environment, come at the expense of transparency and choice for Canadian farmers and consumers, and threaten the livelihoods of many farmers. The regulatory exemptions need to be immediately reversed.

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Response to ECCC: Protect the Monarch butterfly as an endangered species

December 2022: The COSEWIC recommendation to re-classify the Monarch butterfly as endangered was made in 2016. Monarch butterflies must be urgently classified as endangered, in order to protect then from a multitude of threats along their long migratory routes and at their overwintering sites, including the serious impacts of glyphosate use.

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