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Genetically Engineered American Chestnut Trees

Alert: Proposed Release of Genetically Engineered American Chestnut Trees in US and Canada, September 2020

Genetically Engineered Salmon

Genetically Engineered Salmon Produced and Sold in Canada, September 2020

Genetically Modified Crops and Herbicides

Genetically Modified Crops and Herbicides, August 2020

Genetically Modified Foods on the Market

Market Status Update: GM Foods in Canada – For retailers (Eng/Fr), July 2020

Genome Editing

Introduction to Genome Editing in Food and Farming. July 2020

Genetically Modified Apples

Market Status Update – For Growers: GM Apples and Apple Trees in Canada. July 2020

Golden Rice

“Golden Rice” GM Vitamin-A Rice. November 2019

GM Contamination in Canada

GM Contamination in Canada – Report Summary. March 2019

GM Contamination

Stop GM Contamination in Canada – Farmer Brief. November 2018

GM Sweet Corn Seed

Identifying and Avoiding GM Sweet Corn Seed in Canada: Grower Guide. Updated October 2018

Genetic Engineering Will Not “Feed the World”

Genetic Engineering Will Not “Feed the World”. April 2018

International Bulletin – GM Salmon

Update on the status of GM salmon production in Prince Edward Island, Canada. Oct 2, 2017

Labelling Genetically Modified Foods

Labelling Genetically Modified Foods. May 2017

GM Alfalfa Contamination

GM Alfalfa Contamination in the US and Canada. May 2017

GMOs in Canada

GMOs in Canada: At a Glance. May 2017

GM Salmon in Canada

Will PEI be the site of the world’s first GM fish factory? April 25, 2017

GM Apple Trees: Market Status

Market Status Update – for growers: GM Apples and GM Apple Trees in Canada. February 2017

GE Trees

Genetically Engineered Trees in Canada. October 2015


GM Crop Data Clarified: Interpreting the ISAAA report. February 2013

GM Cotton

Genetically Modified Cotton. February 2013

Health Risks

Séralini et al. GM corn safety study in context – Introduction and basic comparison. September 2012

GM Apple

The Genetically Modified “Non-Browning” Apple. November 2012