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Public Event, April 15 on GMOs, Bruce County, ON

Genetically Modified Seeds & Food: What’s Next?

Saturday, April 15, 2023, 7:00PM
Rotary Hall in The Town of Saugeen Shores Plex, 600 Tomlinson Drive, Port Elgin, Ontario
Featuring Lucy Sharratt, Coordinator, Canadian Biotechnology Action Network (CBAN).

Join us to discuss the reality of genetically modified organisms (GMOs) and their possible future.

What GM crops are in the ground now and what seeds, animals, and trees could be next? Everyone’s talking about CRISPR gene editing technology but what is it, and could it be used to genetically modify everything?

Bring your questions – Snacks & Refreshments provided (from Rabbit Dash) – Free admission. Everyone welcome.

Presented by the National Farmers Union-Ontario Bruce Local 320.

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Public Event, April 29 on GM trees, Bruce County, ON

Genetically Engineered Trees in Ontario? A discussion of the environmental risks

Saturday, April 29, 2:00
Bruce County Museum & Cultural Centre,
33 Victoria Street North (in the town of Saugeen Shores)
Southampton, Ontario

Genetically engineered (GE or genetically modified) trees are no longer far-fetched. US researchers want approval to plant a GE American chestnut tree in the wild, in the US and Canada.

Speaker: Dr. Ricarda Stienbrecher, UK

Dr. Ricarda Steinbrecher is a biologist and molecular geneticist. She has worked on genetically modified organisms (GMOs), their risks and impacts on agriculture, environment and health since 1995, including GE trees. She is involved in UN-led processes and has been appointed to international expert groups on the risk assessment of GMOs, as well as synthetic biology. She is a founding member of the European Network of Scientists for Social and Environmental Responsibility.

Snacks & Refreshments provided (from Rabbit Dash)
Free admission. Everyone welcome.

Presented by the National Farmers Union-Ontario Bruce Local 320 and the Canadian Biotechnology Action Network (CBAN).

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Into the Weeds – Film Screenings

INTO THE WEEDS follows groundskeeper Dewayne “Lee” Johnson and his fight for justice against Monsanto (now Bayer). Johnson’s case was the first to go to trial in a series of lawsuits involving tens of thousands of plaintiffs claiming Monsanto’s weed killer Roundup, or its industrial counterpart Ranger Pro, contributed to their cancer. The film follows this groundbreaking trial, while also stepping back to consider the systemic effects of the world’s most widely used herbicide.

As we toggle back and forth between the detail and scale of this ubiquitous product’s impact, it becomes clear that the Johnson verdict will have global repercussions. Our anchor is always Lee: his philosophy, his struggle, and his fight for justice in the face of debilitating and terminal illness. Will Monsanto (Bayer) be forced to change Roundup’s label? To compensate the myriad victims? To address the wide-ranging ecological effects? We consider the limitations of mass torts and using the courts as a tool for social good, and the likelihood of money damages affecting the practice of a company worth billions. By telling Johnson’s story, INTO THE WEEDS ultimately considers whether this kind of David vs. Goliath fight is capable of instigating lasting and substantial change.

Modified – Film Screenings


Film poster ModifiedModified is a first-person feature documentary that questions why genetically modified organisms (GMOs) are not labeled in Canada and the US, despite being labeled in 64 countries around the world. Shot over a span of ten years, the film follows the fight to label GMOs while debunking the myth that we need GMOs to “feed the world”. The film’s story is anchored in the relationship between the filmmaker and her mother, a passionate organic gardener and food activist who died of cancer during the film’s production. The film is directed and produced by award-winning producer of “Kitchen Vignettes on PBS” and food writer Aube Giroux, executive produced by acclaimed producer Camelia Frieberg, and edited by Mike Munn, editor of the Oscar-nominated “Stories We Tell”. Modified is distributed by Blue Ice Docs and will be released in September 2017. Watch the trailer.