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We outline basic facts as well as provide in-depth information about genetically modified organisms (GMOs) and the complex issues that they raise. We provide this information in many different formats, for consumers and farmers. We research many important questions raised by the use of this technology in food and farming, including the potential environmental, social and economic impacts.


Market Status Update – for growers: GM Apples and GM Apple Trees in Canada. February 2017.

GMOs in Canada: At a Glance. February 2017 

“Golden Rice” GM Vitamin-A Rice, July 2016.

GM Crop Data Clarified: Interpreting the ISAAA report, February 2013

Genetically Modified Cotton: February 2013

Séralini et al. GM corn safety study in context – Introduction and basic comparison, September 2012

The Genetically Modified “Non-Browning” Apple, November 2012


CBAN’s Quick Guide to GM Foods 

GM Alfalfa Update and Action Handout:

GMO Inquiry report summary pamphlets:

  • Where in the World are GM Crops and Foods?
  • Are GM Crops Better for the Environment?
  • Are GM Foods Better for Consumers?
  • Are GM Crops Better for Farmers?
  • Are GM Crops and Foods Well Regulated?
  • Do We Need GM Crops and Foods to Feed the World?

Why Your Food Choices Matter: A Guide to Local and Ecologically Grown Food


GM Food Chart Postcard: What’s in my fridge?



Where are Genetically Modified Foods?

Articles & Editorials


Briefings to Government