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We outline basic facts as well as provide in-depth information about the use of genetic engineering (genetically modified organisms or GMOs) and the complex issues that they raise. We provide this information in many different formats, for consumers and farmers. We research many important questions raised by the use of this technology in food and farming, including the potential environmental, social and economic impacts.


CBAN’s Newspaper: Investigating Genetic Engineering, Issue 2023/2024, October 2023.


Canada and the US Challenge Mexico’s Restrictions on GM Corn, March 2024

Genetically Engineered Salmon in Canada, April 2023

GM Wheat Update, April 2023

Genetically Modified Crops and Herbicides, March 2023

Introduction to the Genetically Engineered American Chestnut, Updated February 2024



Intro to Gene “Editing”. Updated April 2023

CBAN’s Quick Guide to GM Foods. September 2023

Why Your Food Choices Matter. 2020



GM Food Chart Postcard: What’s in my fridge?



Where are Genetically Modified Foods?

Articles & Editorials


Briefings to Government