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Articles & Editorials

The Failing Experiment of Genetic Engineering

Its easy to make big promises for the future of this technology but at what point do we conclude that the GM experiment has failed and that the promised miracle crops are not going to materialize? The reality is that GM failed before it was even commercialized. Without farmer and public consultation, the technology was doomed to be misapplied by corporations to suit their needs rather than the needs of farmers and consumers. (2013)

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GM Apple Not Simple

Referring to the technology that silenced the genes responsible for the browning process in the apple, Keller says, “silencing does not involve the insertion of genes of a different species into the apple plant. Rather, existing genes responsible for browning within the plant are switched off.” This description is presumably written to calm consumer nerves but is both factually incorrect and misleading. (Letter to the Editor, July 2012)

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Golden Rice not yet ready

It is supremely ironic, and gravely tragic, that OMAFRA crop specialist Peter Johnson is spreading false information about genetically modified Vitamin A “Golden Rice” in an article titled “Countering GMO Misinformation”. Golden Rice is not ready for the market and yet Johnson told an audience of farmers that groups such as Greenpeace are responsible for keeping it from being used. Most seriously, Johnson alleges that Greenpeace is responsible for the continued misery of serious illnesses and deaths caused by Vitamin A deficiency. This is a misrepresentation of reality and a distasteful charge. (Letter to the Editor, 2012)

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GM sweet corn kills bugs, but is it tasty on the BBQ?

Generally, if our food kills living organisms, it is viewed as a negative. For Monsanto, however, this feature is a great new selling point. New genetically engineered (also called genetically modified or GM) sweet corn designed to kill insect pests is now being harvested across Canada. Of course, without labelling, we need to conduct our own investigations to learn where GM sweet corn is being sold.

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