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Label GM Foods

  1. Sign the online petition e-2877 (Deadline January 13 2021). This is an official electronic petition on the House of Commons website and includes the demand for “Mandatory labelling of food and consumer products that contain GM organisms”
  2. Send your letter from this page – use the form to send your instant message to the Minister of Health, asking for real mandatory labelling of GM foods.

Reject the U.S. Example

The U.S. government is implementing its new “National Bioengineered Food Disclosure Standard” which will label some but not all genetically modified (GM, genetically engineered) foods and will call them “bioengineered” foods. The U.S. “disclosure” standard has many critical gaps and problems and it should not be used as an example to label genetically modified foods in Canada. The U.S. standard:

  • Uses the unfamiliar and poorly defined term “bioengineered” instead of the commonly used and understood term “genetically modified” (“GM”) or “genetically engineered” (“GE”);
  • Does not label foods if the modified genetic material cannot be detected, therefore excluding highly processed foods such as sugar from GM sugar beet and oils from GM corn and GM canola;
  • Does not require on-package text labels but instead allows companies to opt for an electronic or digital link accompanied by a telephone number “for more food information”;
  • Provides the option of using a specific graphic symbol that incorporates the word “bioengineered”, with an image that is not neutral but is suggestive of a bucolic country scene;
  • Has a high threshold to require disclosure only when there is more than 5% GM content versus the 0.9% threshold used in the European Union, for example.

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TAKE ACTION: Ask for a New Environmental Risk Assessment of GM Salmon

To: Minister of Environment and Climate Change, Catherine McKenna.
CC: Minister of Fisheries, Oceans and the Canadian Coast Guard, Dominic LeBlanc; Critics for Environment and Climate Change, Linda Duncan and Ed Fast.
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