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Email text to send to your MP

Here is a sample letter that you can personalize to send to your Member of Parliament. Remember to attach the briefing from CBAN – click here to download it.

I am writing as your constituent to ask you to take urgent action to protect food safety and the environment.

As of May 18, many new gene edited foods can enter the market without any government safety checks. Did you know this is happening?

The Minister of Health has allowed Health Canada to change a technical “regulatory guidance” document to remove government safety oversight for some genetically modified organisms (GMOs). Health Canada now also says it will propose amendments to the Novel Food Regulations to confirm this change in regulation. This needs to stop.

It is your responsibility to ensure that Canada’s food supply is safe but, instead, safety assessments for some gene-edited foods have been handed to the product developers. This needs to be immediately overturned.

The changes will mean some unregulated, unknown genetically engineered foods in grocery stores. Even the federal government won’t know that these gene-edited foods exist.

I demand government oversight over the introduction of all genetically engineered foods and seeds, including those produced through the new techniques of gene editing.

I ask you to strengthen the regulations to ensure all genetically engineered foods, including all gene-edited foods, are assessed for safety by the government.

I also ask you to make sure that all genetically engineered, including all gene-edited seeds, are assessed by government for environmental risks and none are exempted from the Seeds Regulations as proposed by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency.

Please read the attached briefing from the Canadian Biotechnology Action Network about the changes and what they mean.

I demand transparency and government oversight of all genetically engineered foods and seeds. Please take action to stop the changes proposed by Health Canada and the Canadian Food Inspection Agency.

Thank you for your action on this important issue.