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Welcome to the Dig In! Workshop on Food Sovereignty

Let’s find out what “food sovereignty” means for us in Canada and around the world.


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Workshop Activities

The “Tool Kit” has landed!

Want to run a workshop or use an activity in your community?

Dig In! was a youth-led project (June 2008 – June 2009) that built a great participatory workshop on food sovereignty with and for people in communities across the country. The workshop activities are for everyone! – from young farmers to urban youth to members of the general public. And anyone can run a workshop.

What do we mean by “food sovereignty”?: Basically, putting control of food back in the hands and bellies of people.

Seeds of Love

Check out “Seeds of Love” and Dig In! interviews on Food Sovereignty on our YouTube channel!We tested the workshop at the Food Secure National Conference Nov 12 in Ottawa – view the high-stakes dating game where Farmer Shabaka must choose seed for planting.

View the photo gallery from the Workshop Development Retreat where it all began!

You can contact us: Lucy Sharratt in Ottawa 613 241 2267 extension 5 or email

Dig In Retreat GroupDig In! was a collaborative project of the Canadian Biotechnology Action Network, Check Your Head, and the National Farmers Union Youth with supported by a grant from the Walter & Duncan Gordon Foundation.

Agree? Disagree? Why?

Check out the photos from the NFU Youth Gathering in Laird Saskatchewan!

The dominant model in rural areas does not offer any options to young people. Youth are our base for the present and the future, so we commit ourselves to the full integration and creative participation of young people in all levels of our struggle. – from the Declaration of Maputo, Mozambique Oct 9-22 2008, La Via Campesina