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The Canadian government does not monitor where all GM crops/traits are grown in Canada (or even which ones are on the market), and has not established mandatory labelling of GM foods. The numbers in this report are gathered from a variety of sources, including commodity and international organizations, and are informed by CBAN’s own analysis of particular markets as well as our primary research.


  • Global GM plantings are largely limited to four crops – corn, soy, cotton and canola – that together account for 99% of global GM acres.
  • Almost 100% of GM crops on the market are genetically engineered with either one or both of just two GM traits: herbicide tolerance, and insect resistance.
  • Just ten countries account for almost all – 98% of – the GM hectares around the world.
  • The top three countries that cultivate GM crops – the US, Argentina and Brazil – account for over three quarters of global GM hectares.
  • GM crops are grown on approximately 3.7% of the world’s total agricultural land, by less than one percent of the world’s farmers.
  • There are four GM crops grown in Canada: canola, corn, soy and sugar beet.
  • Almost all of the canola (approx. 95%) and sugar beet (almost 100%), a large proportion of the grain corn (over 80%), and approximately two thirds (at least 60%) of the soybeans grown in Canada are GM.
  • There is a very small, unknown quantity of GM sweet corn grown in Canada.

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