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National Farmers Union Ontario March 2010 Resolution

WHEREAS Environment Canada is set to publish in the Canada Gazette that the University of Guelph has satisfied the requirements of the Canadian Environmental Protection Act allowing the Enviropig TM to be produced using approved containment procedures, and

WHEREAS applications to other federal agencies to assess the safety of Enviropigs for human food and animal feed are under review in both the US and Canada, and

WHEREAS the Enviropig is a transgenic organism (developed to reduce phosphorus levels in its manure), and

WHEREAS NFU policy calls for a moratorium on the production, importation, distribution and sale of GM food until questions regarding consumer health, environmental implications, technology ownership and farmer profitability are answered to the satisfaction of the majority of Canadians,

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that the NFU oppose the commercial production of the Enviropig in Canada and request that Ontario Pork and OMAFRA withdraw support for the Enviro Pig and U of Guelph shut down the project immediately. Further, that NFU-O request that these financial resources be redirected to research that fits the real needs of hog producers in Ontario and Canada. Passed