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How to Avoid Eating GM Salmon

Updated May 2022

GM Atlantic salmon is the world’s first genetically modified (GM or genetically engineered) food animal. It is being sold in Canada but it is not labelled as genetically modified.

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Picture taken at the seafood counter at a Farm Boy store in Ottawa, June 2018

If I want to avoid eating GM salmon, what salmon should I buy?

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More Details

CBAN Factsheet: Genetically Engineered Salmon Produced and Sold in Canada, September 2020

  • All genetically modified (GM) Atlantic salmon is farmed, and all Atlantic salmon is farmed salmon. There is no wild Atlantic salmon fishery because Atlantic salmon is an endangered species.
  • All the GM salmon sold on the market will now come from one of two on-land sites run by the company AquaBounty: one in PEI and one in Indiana, USA. The first GM salmon from the PEI site was first “harvested” in 2021. Read CBAN’s article: No Label: Canada’s invisible genetically modified salmon in the Watershed Sentinel, November 2020.
  • In September 2018, AquaBounty’s CEO told investors that a Canadian buyer is using the GM salmon for a “high-end sashimi line” (a type of sushi).
  • Import documents obtained through Access to Information requests show that most of the GM salmon sold in 2017 was sold to foodservice companies (like restaurants and catering companies) and some to retail.
  • The grocery chains Metro, Loblaw and Costco have made statements that they are not selling the GM salmon: check our 2020 report on retailers. These statements can change anytime: write to your grocery chain to find out.
  • The first GM salmon – from a small pilot plant in Panama that is now closed – was sent to Canada in 2017.

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