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Market Status

There is no genetically modified (GM or genetically engineered) rice on the market anywhere in the world.

Update: In January 2017, the US Food and Drug Administration approved human consumption of a GM insect-resistant rice developed by researchers at a Chinese university, but this GM rice is not yet approved for growing in China or the US.


In 2006, the Canadian government approved one GM herbicide-tolerant rice (Bayer CropScience), but it is not being grown in Canada.

  • In September 2011, the Chinese government stated it was suspending the commercialisation of genetically engineered rice. The future of GM rice in China remains uncertain.
  • In June 2011, the Ministry of Agriculture in Thailand laid a policy (“Rice Strategy”) that committed to non-GM rice as part of strengthening the nation’s rice production while promoting farmers’ livelihoods and consumer confidence. The policy is supported by Thailand’s Rice Exporters Association.

Rice is daily food for half of the world’s population. Genetically modified rice is a threat to our health, agriculture and biodiversity.

“Golden Rice” GM Vitamin-A Rice

“Golden Rice” is the name of a rice that has been genetically modified (GM, or genetically engineered) to produce betacarotene, which the body can convert into vitamin A. This beta-carotene gives the rice grains the yellowish colour that has inspired its name. The rice is promoted as a solution to the serious health problems resulting from widespread vitamin-A deficiency in the Global South. Golden Rice has been in development for over 20 years and it is still being tested.

CBAN Factsheet: “Golden Rice” GM Vitamin-A Rice, 2019

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