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About the Video

The 3 minute animated video is an emotional journey of discovery as the innocent but wise bee finds out that genetically modified alfalfa is “coming soon” and determines to stop it, with help from you!

The concept for the video arose from the concern of Ontario farmer Nathan Carey, who is also a professional animator!

Here is what Nathan says:

From a tentative email to CBAN to the launch of what we hope is powerful tool to educate and motivate change, I am grateful to have been a part of the process. Farming has always felt like activism to me but being able to use my talents as an animator for something I believe in has been deeply satisfying.

I first heard about GM Alfalfa and the threat that it posed to organic farmers when I saw Lucy Sharratt from CBAN speak in Guelph. Being an organic farmer my reaction was immediate and visceral. Our farm is pasture based and GM Alfalfa jeopardizes not only what I believe in but undermines the very basis of our farming practices. We raise Sheep, Chickens, Pigs and soon Cattle, all outside, all foraging on their own for grasses and legumes in our pastures. Our farm and others like ours could be deeply impacted by the inevitable spread of GM Alfalfa if it is allowed on the market. GM Alfalfa will contaminate pastures and cause many farmers to loose the niche markets they’ve worked so hard to create. The threat was so personal and could have such a big impact on us that I felt compelled to take action.

When I saw Lucy speak in 2011 I had a thought that Bees would make great characters to teach people about why GM Alfalfa matters. Besides farming I have the fortune of also being an animator. I contacted Lucy with my proposal and volunteered to create a very shot 30 second cartoon to highlight a time-sensitive political issue surrounding GM Alfalfa – The proposed moratorium on GM Alfalfa in Canada. It was a success and we decided to go big, putting more time and money into a substantial educational film. The result of the collaboration between CBAN, myself, Smiley Guy Studios where I work, and the film sponsors.


A Production of: CBAN, Smiley Guy Studios and The Big Carrot
Producers: Nathan Carey, Patrick Conner, Jonas Diamond, Lucy Sharratt
Director: Nathan Carey
Script: Ellen Besen, Nathan Carey, Lucy Sharratt
Story Editor: Jeremy Diamond
Script Advisor: Patrick Conner
Visual Design, Animation & Post Production: Nathan Carey
Voice of Bee: Maureen Kirkpatrick
Voice of Narrator: Patrick Conner
Dialogue Coach: Ellen Besen, Patrick Conner
Audio Design: Paul O’Brien
Music: Sean Donald
Editor: Denny Silverthorne

The film was sponsored by the following organizations and businesses that provided matching financial support:



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