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Suggested Response Letter on GM Alfalfa

Many of you have emailed CBAN to ask for help responding to letters from your MPs. Thank you for this action! Please find below a suggested response to a form letter that many of you are receiving. Click here for additional responses to lines on GM alfalfa.


Thank you for your response to my letter about GM alfalfa however you have not addressed my concerns. I am writing to repeat my request that you take immediate action to stop the release of GM alfalfa, in order to prevent GM contamination.

There are major problems with the regulatory system for GM foods and crops in Canada. Saying that Canada has “one of the most stringent and rigourous regulatory systems in the world” does not make it true.

Canada requires “science-based safety assessments” of all new GM products but the Canadian government does not conduct any of its own tests and the assessment process takes place in secret, without any public consultations. The science used to approve GM foods and crops comes from the companies that want to sell those products and all of that science is kept secret as “Confidential Business Information.” This means that most of the studies used to determine GM product safety have not been peer-reviewed and are not verified by independent scientists. How can we know that this system is “stringent and rigourous”?

I do not agree that GM crops should be considered “like any other commodity crop” because GM contamination in our environment is irreversible and threatens organic and non-GM farmers. All GM foods should also be labeled because many consumers, like me, don’t want to eat it or support it.

The process for regulating GM products in Canada is inadequate and secret. The process should include consultations with consumers and farmers as well as independent science, including government testing.

GM alfalfa will contaminate our environment, farmers’ fields and our food system. This contamination will remove choice from many farmers. I remain extremely alarmed that GM alfalfa could soon be put on the market and ask you to take action to stop the introduction of GM alfalfa.