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Adopt a Retailer Kit

Many local food stores are closing their doors to the GM apple. It could be on Canadian shelves in late 2018/2019.

Ask your store to say “No GM Apple” – for a guarantee of only fresh, natural apples for you, your family and your neighbours. This action is also one concrete step to limiting the risk of contamination that threatens the future of organic apple production.

Help make a difference in your community! Here are some tools and information.

Step 1.

Download this 2-page pledge form for your grocery store – it has information on the GM apple on the back.

Print the pledge form.

Step 2.

Go to your local grocery store and ask to see the manager or owner; or call ahead and book a meeting; or just send it in the mail. Give them this pledge form and tell them why you don’t want GM apples in the store.

Step 3.

Follow-up to find out if the store has signed the pledge.

Window Cling in the Window

“Adopt a Retailer” and get this sign in the window of your local store

If they have signed, congratulate them. If you are with a community group who can help publicize this action, ask the store if they would like some publicity to their pledge. CBAN can send them a “window cling” for their door or window. We also have postcards and posters if the store wants to share the news and information with customers.

If the store has not signed, what is their concern? If you need to take an extra step to convince them you can organize a meeting with your neighbours and the store, or contact CBAN for support and ideas.

It should be easy to get a pledge from your store! Thank you for taking action!

Contact us for more support and to report you action! Take a photo of the store window. Ask the store owner if they will pose for you to post to facebook!