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Corporate Control

Without our knowledge, understanding, or consent, “life-science” conglomerates are genetically engineering food plants for corporate profit with little concern for our health or the effect on the environment.
– Brewster Kneen author of “Farmageddon: Food and the Culture of Biotechnology

Concentration in corporate power is the defining feature of today’s global economy and dominates the research and commercialization of genetically engineered organisms as well as other agricultural inputs. The life sciences industry is converging into new corporate structures that have profound implications for every aspect of commercial food, agriculture and health. Companies with concentrated power in seeds, agrochemicals, pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, genomics, food & beverage processing and food retailing have captured tremendous power in our economies, political systems, cultures and societies.

The reality of corporate power changes the way in which scientific research is conducted and applied to technological development, the way in which technologies are brought to market and the way in which they are regulated.

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