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Stop the GM Apple

2021: From the 2019 apple harvest, a small amount of pre-sliced genetically engineered (genetically modified or GM) apples was sold in Canada through an unnamed food service outlet. The company Okanagan Specialty Fruits is seeking food service customers in Canada in 2021. This means that GM apple slices could be served in university cafeterias, hotels and catering businesses, hospital and prison meals, restaurants, or through ready-made salads and fruit-trays in grocery stores. There is no mandatory labelling of GM foods in Canada so the GM apple slices are on the market without any labels. Click here for more information about the GM apple.

Write to the head office of your local grocery store (see contacts below) :

  • Ask if the company is using the GM apple in their prepared foods such as fruit trays: Is your grocery store cutting apples or buying bags of pre-sliced apples instead?

Ask at your favorite restaurant:

  • Does the restaurant cut apples or buy pre-sliced apples for garnish or to make dishes such as apple pies?

Grocery Store Contacts

Write or call the head office, to get the response you need. Let us know what they tell you – contact us. The big grocery chains in Canada sell food under many store brands or “banners”. Check the list below to see if your local grocery store is owned by one of the largest grocery chains in the country:

For more information on the GM apple: