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Biotechnology PR in Canada: Archives

Here, CBAN provides some archives in the history of government and industry public relations on biotechnology in Canada. Between 1997 and 2003, the federal government spent $13 million on biotech communications.

Check CBAN’s GMO Inquiry 2015 report Are GM Foods Better for Consumers? for details and context.

CBC Marketplace. 2002. Does the Consumer Association of Canada speak for Canadians? This documentary discusses the pre-2003 position of the CAC that opposed mandatory labelling including the development and distribution of “A Growing Appetite for Information”. Watch the video.

A Growing Appetite for Information, Consumers’ Association of Canada and Food Biotechnology Communications Network (industry group).

Food Safety and You. Government of Canada, 2000.

Good Ideas are Growing. Council for Biotechnology Information. 2000.

Biotechnology in Agriculture: Science for Better Living. Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada, Circa 2000.

Information Kit Agriculture Canada, 1997.

Information Info Kit, Council for Biotechnology Information (industry), 2000.>